The Benchmarking for Internal Alignment (Execution with Direction Fit) program involves the identification of top priorities from a list of 20 key success factors relating to sustainable business model implementation.


The usage quota of the ESG Alignment Benchmarking will be included in different ESG Alignment Program Plans for  for Evaluating Pre-post Change.

Driving forces of change
from outside-in

Companies must now align their growth needs while also focusing on wider social and environmental aspirations. Many companies stall or even fail when they become too heavily focused on their past drivers of success and miss out on the new opportunities available to them. Looking inward for insights is not always comfortable, but it is the crucial first step to adding value to your customers’ experience.


Alignment Benchmarking helps companies and teams better articulate and understand their goals and then internally and externally align on what they want/need to accomplish. Aligned teams know what the desired outcomes are and are in a better position to innovate and deliver products or services that align with their customers’ expectations.

The first step to creating alignment and figuring out where you’re heading is figuring out where you stand right now. Our 5 minutes Self-Assessment (Direction with Future-Gen Check) combines our Sustainability Preferences of Future-Gen Customers Research with your unique input to compute generate an immediate and actionable readout (an alignment index, on a 1-5 scale).


This tool offers a simple way to check your company’s ESG/Sustainability alignment and test your potential strategy before fully committing to it.


Creating a sense of urgency around sustainability is important. The 360 Assessment can make multiple stakeholders aware of the “future generations alignment problem,” while also offering up possible solutions to that problem. That way, you’ll be more likely to garner support for change.


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From an ESG perspective, the results of this benchmarking activity can be utilized in our Benchmarking and Crafting Wider Purpose Workshop. There, you can strengthen your strategy by translating abstract strategic objectives into detailed, short-term plans (re-prioritization), and KPIs.


These plans will contain actionable measures for departments throughout your organization. There may be ways to include suppliers, too.