In the information age, the “Easy to Understand Shortened Link” was created to capture a customer’s attention and has the added benefit of being easy to remember in conjunction with a wider purpose message. Customized, shortened URLs quickly show your sustainability support:

stakeholder communication
is not annual Event


Sixty-six percent of customers think transparency is one of the most attractive qualities a brand can have. We are all a part of a “need-to-know” culture. Sometimes our “need-to-knows” are frivolous. But we also want to know about more serious things –  we want more clarity from companies we choose to give our money to. 

(e.g., Are you supplying jobs to people in third-world countries? Is your brand mission about utilizing local materials and resources? and more)


People want to know about who you’re helping so that they can feel good about giving you their support. Some of the largest brands (Apple, Google, Patagonia, Toms, Starbucks, Nestle, Nike, etc.) have made it their mission to help those in need. We like their products, but more importantly, we like what they stand for.


Does your business’ communication have the appropriate level of directness, transparency, and honesty to benefit your customers, investors, team, and overall organization?

Consistent Communication powerfully affects overall ESG alignment and performance. The frequency, volume, channels, content type, the openness of communication all things impact organizations’ ability to learn and to change. Communication impacts employees’ attitudes and engagement. It can influence customers to embrace your wider purpose.


Future-Gen Customers  are not only turning away from unsustainable brands. They are also becoming increasingly willing to pay more for sustainable products or services and do business with companies that offer sustainable credibility.


Tip: With both customers and investors subjected to thousands of brand messages a day, businesses must make an impression quickly. Studies show that the first seven seconds that a person engages with a brand are often make-or-break.

The Mini Communication Page is not limited to stakeholder communication of ESG strategy execution. The ESG Recognitions Series (InnoESG Prize, ESG Care Label (both Rising & Standard), and Social Endorsement Label) also considers it as type of evidences during  winner selection processes.









Many businesses have already taken part including those from the Fortune 500, blue chip companies, listed/would be listed companies, private companies, and more.

The Mini Communication Page empowers non-technical creators to create/update multi-content items e.g., YouTube videos, documents, social media links, etc., on a single event/project web page for effective internal and external communication.

What have you done in ESG?

Where can access the ESG doc? (Can you recall it within 7 Sec?) Short Link for your organzation<stock symbol>



Example: 2020 Fotune 500 Number 1 Company



The<stock symobl> links can be shown in the ESG Game Changers Book

The book will be circulated with different kind of stakeholders in ESG field.


For package, please contact us va


While the rise of technology has allowed for some increased transparency. Achieving transparency through digital communications, the Shorten Link Tools aim to support companies in effectively communicating with potential and existing customers, investors and team members. The tools include:


   1)  An easy to understand shortened link

   2) An all-in-one MiniPage for all event/project info 

   3) Type of Evidences for ESG Recognitions

The usage quota of the ESG Doc Short Link will be included in different ESG Alignment Program Plans for  for Engagng with different stakeholders.