Companies’ efforts towards sustainability-linked value creation can help them connect with like-minded customers, and a visible commitment to ESG/ Sustainability can become an integral part of a companies’ social endorsement.


Final key question: "How do you maintain alignment in rapidly changing world?" 

The answer is "Aligning company's culture with its purpose, values and startegy"


Culture complements and is reinforced by formal organization elements – strategy, organizational structures, policies, and procedure. A well-defined culture can enhance your organization’s reputation in the marketplace in the eyes of customers and investors, thereby enhancing its overall competitive advantage.


A strong and aligned culture is a significant enabler of strategy execution that incorporates sustainability can enhance People-Centric ESG Goodwill & Company Performance too.


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Maintain alignment
Wider purpose in workplace

Companies want their team members to be productive, to care about their customers and other employees, to think critically, to be loyal to the organization. In short, they want team members to be engaged. Engaged employees will bring customers in and keep them coming back. You must find your wider purpose.


Oftentimes, though, ESG Alignment can be nearly “invisible.” You’ll need to measure, measure, and measure again. As is the case with any other initiative, your ESG Alignment initiatives should be given a clear owner, a plan, a set of targets, and a budget allocation.


Strong ESG alignment can drive sustainable business models and unleash high organizational performance. Ask yourself some of these key questions when considering your wider purpose and alignment performance:


  1. How well is your wider purpose articulated?
  2. Does your wider purpose inspire?
  3. How deeply is your wider purpose implemented?
  4. How well is your wider purpose recognized?
  5. Is communication consistent across channels?
  6. Have you developed a customer following?
  7. How likely are customers/employees to recommend your business to others?