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Research shows that 76% of all customers believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to just make money (i.e. a singular “business returns purpose”) - they must have a wider purpose too. Gen Z – and younger/future generations - believe they have the power to make a positive sustainable change, but they also recognize that organizations have a huge role in driving social and environmental action. Customers from these generations expect businesses to focus not just on profit, but also on people and the planet.


Our Wider Purpose Workshop Series leverages research-based analyses of customers’ sustainability preferences (Future-Gen Research) and helps companies craft Wider Purpose statements. Crafting a Wider Purpose Statement is a small, simple, but powerful action that can allow your company to tap into more sustainable business models (simultaneously generating business value and contributing to environmental and societal positive impacts).


Companies that can address wider purposes (i.e., business returns + social impacts) – those that can demonstrate they do not exist solely to make a profit but are also putting in the effort to make positive environmental and societal impacts – will have a significant advantage in today’s business environment (they will effectively be “competing on wider purpose”). 


Connecting with your target audience is far easier when you understand the issues that are most important to them. A clear purpose statement can help in that regard. Your wider purpose – your reason for being – should align with these targeted social issues and be a catalyst for more robust customer loyalty.



SocietyNext Foundation's Wider Purpose Statement & Mission


The Workshop Series aims to provide the tools and knowledge you need to craft and refine a clear “Wider Purpose Message” for maximum influence, credibility, and impact And involve your people (leader, managerial, team members) in the process; let them tell stories and help them re-connect to their work. Having a purpose but not living it will actually hurt your business more than not having a purpose at all.


Agenda :

•   Review of findings from research on the sustainability preferences of future-gen customers

•   Primer on identifying the social issue(s) your company is best positioned to address

•   Session on understanding “Competing on Social Purpose” as a strategy

•   Workshop on crafting a “Wider Purpose Statement”

•   Identification of key factors for executing on a wider purpose strategy

•   Session on cultivating a shared identity for greater employee engagement

•   Session on gaining social endorsements


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