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Customers will always be drawn to brands they trust. They want assurance that a company’s actions, claims, and accomplishments are positive, transparent, and true. Thus, companies have begun taking steps to ensure they operate with society and the environment in mind, through actions that are both visible and verifiable.


The SocietyNext Foundation’s ESG Recognitions Series is designed to recognize three factors (3i):

   1) Impacts on society (social and environmental),

   2) Influence on society, and

   3) Innovation in solutions.


Many businesses have already taken part, including those from the Fortune 500, blue-chip companies, listed companies, emerging listed companies, and more. Public Recognition has different program categories, each recognizing excellence in different focus areas:

  1. InnoESG Prize
  2. SDG World Record
  3. ESG Care Label
  4. Social Endorsement Label (Social eLabel)
  5. ESG Hall of Fame (ESG Fame)

● Tap into potential customers – Winning a prize gives your business credibility with potential customers. This is particularly relevant to younger customers.


Tap into potential investors – Companies that are both financially robust and environmentally sustainable in their operations are particularly attractive to investors. An award offers instant evidence of a company’s progress in sustainability.


● Tap into staff members – Winning an award shows your staff that you are a caring organization and can provide positive reinforcement to staff members, improving pride, loyalty, trust, and a sense of ownership.


Tap into sustainable business – Integrating annual non-financial reporting and organizational renewal can help balance short- and long-term decisions, helping to push a company towards a more sustainable business model.


Winning at the Public ESG Recognitions Series has several benefits: